Lich Cicora: He grabs her hands pulling them above her head and crushes his lips to hers.

5 signs your date cant commit By Sherry Amatenstein Share Email Facebook Twitter MySpace StumbleUpon reddit Digg Yahoo! Buzz At first, everything was going great your date was attentive, caring, and voiced multiple mentions of the f word future. But just as you let your guard down and began allowing yourself to think, maybe this is it, something shifted. Suddenly, your sweetie is hedging about booking that trip for next spring, or even about whether you two should be seeing each other exclusively. What gives? The sad truth is, youve been duped by a closet commitmentphobe someone who thinks he or she is raring for a relationship, but never seems to be able to cross the exclusivity finish line. Could you have avoided the pain of falling for a person incapable of truly loving you back? Yes. Allow us to share the signs that someone, despite visible attempts to appear emotionally available, is actually the owner of a heart thats closed for business. Sign 1 Your date has a life and isnt letting you into it Sure, she says she wishes she could spend Saturday with you rather than volunteering at the local animal shelter. Or he says he cant wait for work to let up so you two can spend more quality time together. No problem, right? This persons got a life, after all, and thats not something you should take personally. But Tom, 32, now knows that there are limits to what you should put up with. I knew Beth had a busy schedule when we met, the Baltimore attorney insists. She was a single mom of two girls, had a demanding job, did volunteer work and bowled once a week. He thought the longer the two of them dated, the looser her schedule would become or, at least, that shed include me in the bowling, Tom says ruefully. However, nothing changed. Beth continued being sorry there wasnt enough time for him in her life right up until the night she dumped him because hello! her life was too full to include a boyfriend. Browse Local Singles at Match on Yahoo! I am a Man Woma

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